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  • A. R. Frayre

Session Two

THE cave

For half the day, you and your companions have been running west through the Athasian wastes, pushing hard through the desolate landscape, trying to make as much distance between the dragons and yourselves. After hours of travel beneath the burning Athasian sun, sunset finally occurs. You find refuge in a sandy cavern within a barren canyon, and rest your weary bodies down for the night.

The next morning, you awaken and take stock of your situation. You find yourselves weeks away from the nearest friendly village or city, and with dwindling supplies, your chances are getting grimmer by the second.

It was during this time that Leth, the Urikite priest recalled that during his time as a caravan guard for House Amketch of Tyr, they had once stopped in a friendly slave village, Mirok, hidden within a great valley north of this region. The settlement was actually a collection of farmsteads in this valley that had united for mutual protection and trade, maybe about 2 dozen families or so, mostly kank herders and corn farmers. Perhaps there, the party could acquire some weapons and supplies, possibly rest a bit and plan their next move. Whatever the plan is, it must be decided soon…

The way is clear. You are all fugitives. You have no choice but to push north it seems, for you are branded slaves, and House Mareneth is sure to send its most ruthless bounty hunters to re-capture their runaway property…


Leaving the safety of the cavern, you set off north towards the settlement of Mirok. The region you now tread is a great expanse of stony barrens. The earth is a rich red-brown in color, and enormous spires of stone loom over the entire region. A fine layer of reddish dust covers you as you traverse this landscape of twisting canyons and gnarled, dry trees.

As you ramble through the area, you spot a wonderous site; there, besides a cluster of gnarled tree husks, you see a small pond! Searching the area for predators, none amongst your number see any danger, thus proceed to take your fill of the much welcomed water. As you drink deeply, you find that it is not the clearest or tastiest water you have had, but it certainly is not poisonous, as is evident from the hundreds of tiny pupfish that swim within it.

As you finish up filling your waterskins, the mighty braxat gladiator Terric lets out a painful groan! You turn to the armored behemoth, as he pulls an arrow from his neck! An ambush! In an instant, a large rabble of Silt Runners attacks you and your companions with a flurry of obsidian arrows and curved obsidian blades! The battle is quick, but furious, and your party manages to slay the savage little reptile tribals, even managing to recover an Enchanted Fiery Blade from the beast’s war-chief!

In the aftermath of this bloody conflict, you discover a brass key amongst the loot, as well as tracks leading to the Silt Runner’s lair nearby. Within their abode, you find trail rations, waterskins, an array of stone weaponry, and a treasure chest containing some useful enchanted items, ranging from Potion Fruits, a pair of Magical Boots, even an enchanted Shrunken Head of a halfling warrior!


“Black Ember” Burning Stone Shortsword

Boots of False Tracks

Shrunken Head of Hunga Bunga

Potion Fruit (Various)

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