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  • A. R. Frayre

Session One


For several months, you have been toiling within the sweltering-hot copper mines of Garlock, somewhere deep within the wastes of the southern Tyr Region, ruled over by House Mareneth of the City of Celik. It has been a hellish ordeal, and you long for your freedom. One fateful day, you and your fellow wretches are suddenly taken from the mines, thrown into chains, and brutally branded with House Mareneth’s Crossed-spears Insignia. Without delay, you are loaded up into the infamous Tyrian slave-hulk, The Inferno, bound north for Tyr, where you are to spend your remaining days in torment, as you construct King Kalak’s great ziggurat.

For days, you stew inside the massive House Vordon wagon, until you finally reach your terrible destiny. As fortune would have it, on the 2nd day of travel through these hellish wastes, your caravan is attacked by a enormous horde of Gith raiders, led by what you can only imagine to be a colossal, fire-breathing creature of legend…A Dragon!

With savage pillars of fire from its fanged mouth, and horrible bolts of lightning from its clawed talons, the beast and its army begin to lay waste to the entire Tyrian caravan...

Desperation sets in, your holding pens filling with thick, black smoke as you futilely try to break free from your cells. Seconds later, a powerful explosion hits the slave-hulk, nearly collapsing the holding pens, instantly killing hundreds of your fellow slaves, smashing the cells, but setting you and a handful of others free in the process. Snagging the opportunity, you quickly grab whatever weapons you can from the crushed corpses of nearby guards.

Without delay, you rush through the smoke and fire into the halls beyond, and head to the lower decks.

As you make your way down from the crumbling deck above, which is now being consumed in flames and falling debris, you come upon a vicious rabble of Gith raiders who break from their pillaging and turn to you and your companions, murder and violence in their blood-red eyes…


Navigating through the smoke and debris, you make your way to the lower decks, you find that most of the winding corridors are either collapsed or currently on fire. You finally see a way through all the chaos, and make your way past the guard barracks ending up in the armory, where you meet a pillaging rabble of Gith and their menacing war-party Gith Leader! A bloody clash ensues with these miscreants, and you manage to slay the bulk of the raiders and chase the rest away.

You turn to your fellow escapees and, though you do not know them, you realize that you work good as a team. Quickly, you fall upon what armor, weapons, and supplies you can grab. As you frantically equip your gear, an unspoken agreement is made amongst you; if you or any of these individuals has even a remote chance to make it out alive, you must work together! Amongst your newly-found allies, a group of people representing this scorched and dangerous world; A hulking Braxat gladiator, a pair of menacing Tarek and Ssurran barbarian savages, a shifty-looking Elf, a mysterious, hooded, tattooed Half-elf, a disheveled Urikite human wearing the tattered robes of an AIR priest, and an exotic Pterran tribal, an obsidian amulet bearing the symbol of FIRE around his knotted scaled neck. After gathering what you can, you silently nod to each other, and continue to the decks below.


As you make your escape, you see a quartet of Half-giant Brutes, mercenaries working for the caravan, slaughtering any slave escaping from the pens. Unfortunately, these dim-witted goliaths are also slaughtering passengers of the monstrous wagon just trying to escape the flames! The group of half-giants see you and attack.

Unbeknownst to you, there is a wizard amongst your eclectic ranks! The thin, tattoo-covered half-elf young man unleashes a hellish barrage of magical fiery-bolts into the ranks of the giants, bolstering your group’s assault of obsidian blades and bone-crafted clubs, and managing to take down all four brute monstrosities, clearing the way..


You hack and slash your way down to the lower decks of the massive wagon, and finally come to one of the Inferno’s many loading bays; you behold a horde of Gith Raiders fighting with what’s left of the House Vordon caravan guards. You see this as a chance to escape amidst all the turmoil. You make a break for one of the smaller cargo exits, but as you approach the great ramp leading out of the Argosy, you get stopped by a gang of Gith led by a huge, two-head giant, an Ettin! The great, slate-colored creature wields a pair of enormous stone-headed flails. His blood-soaked body is riddled with dozens of arrows, and he appears exhausted, though his eyes are filled with deadly resolve…

With a combination of your team’s combat skills and mystical-powers, you manage to get the upper hand on this band of monsters, and ultimately fell the two-headed abomination.


As the great two-headed giant falls, his Gith warriors lose heart and run from the battle. Before you could give chase to finish them off, however, a fiery explosion hits the massive wagon, sending you and your companions diving for cover, nearly getting incinerated by the blast. When you get on your feet again, your heart drops at the sight before you; A Dragon!

The great dragon you witnessed earlier laying waste to the Tyrian caravaneers now looms over you and your companions! Taking a deep breath, the monster reels back to unleash its fiery doom, but before it can blast you with blazing damnation, a thunderous flash of lightning slams into the draconian horror, sending it staggering a few feet to the side…

You look at the source of this awesome power and behold yet another massive Dragon! In an instant, the two goliaths begin to savagely attack each other with talons, fangs, and fire! Your mind nearly shatters trying to rationalize what you are witnessing, but quickly, cooler heads prevail, as you and your new companions snap out of this fearful trance and make your move.

Seeing your only chance to escape certain death, you gather every bit of strength and courage you have left in your mind and body and make a break for the burning desert sands beyond…

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