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Rule Options to Specialty Armor, Weapons and Feats


Our rule-option guide to specialty armor and weapons for D&D 5E has all the rules you need! Now, your fantasy hero can enter the furious fray, wielding anything from a caveman's bone-club to a shimmering blade forged of Starmetal!



-Weapon Crafting Materials

-New Armor & Weapons

-New Enchanted Items

-New Feats.

Welcome to the Stone-Age World of

Primordia Stone-Age Campaign Setting

Want to run an epic Stone-Age Campaign? 

Our Stone-Age series for D&D 5E entails the mighty heroes and ancient evils of the distant past.

This series takes place on the continent of Primordia which is filled with extreme natural hazards, from the frozen desolation of the northern region of Galacius, to the sweltering jungles of southern Selva, these realms are wrought will all manner of dangerous obstacles, from man-eating hordes of primitive tribal warriors, to the countless forms of vicious megafauna that hunt all in their path!

Are you ready to take control of heroic stone-age character races and fight like a caveman?!


Potion Archive Vol.I




Want to add some excitement & flavor to your campaign?

Our potion and magical item archive has all your favorite potions from across the fantasy realms with detailed descriptions of taste, smell, look and cost!

We have included New Potions and Magical Items to spice things up! 

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